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With July 2021 coming quickly, you will need strategies to review more effectively.


1. Time Savings

Your priority review materials, just one click away!

Don't spend time searching Google for topics of the Environmental Planning Board Exam. The course includes links to priority pages and documents from where you can start your self-review.

2. More impactful resources

The review materials I recommend to prioritize are comprehensive starting points for each subject area. One mistake I made when I was self-reviewing was focusing on piecemeal references.

Don't make the same mistake!

3. On-demand and Unlimited Access

Study at your own pace! 

Go back and forth the videos and slides as you need. Repetition and consistency will help you build up your urban planning knowledge.

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Course Features

In this short course, you will get: 

1. My top 3 tips for reviewing each subject area
2. My recommended priority review materials for each subject area, with links to source pages
3. Personal insights on recommending priority review materials

Course Outline

Overview of the Environmental Planning Board Exam (Free Preview!)
-What you need to know about the 2021 EnP Board Exam

-FREE! Access to Google Drive of Review Materials

Specific Tips for Your Self Review (Paid Section)

-Get top tips and recommended priority review materials for maximizing your self review.

Subject Area 1:History, concepts, theories and principles of environmental planning

Subject Area 2: Environmental planning process, methods, techniques and strategies

Subject Area 3: Environmental plan implementation, legal aspects and administration

Be A Successful Self Reviewer (Free!)

-Get bonus links and downloadable to help make your self review successful!

-4 Top Tips for Passing Board Exams

5 Apps to Make your Self-Review Successful

Taking the Environmental Planning Board Exam: The Exam Days

FREE! Review Plan Template for the Environmental Planning Board Exam when you buy access to the paid section (SAVE Php99)

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